Khurram Sheikh

Khurram Sheikh


SiBeam Inc.

Khurram P. Sheikh, is presently President of SiBEAM -a gigabit wireless technology company based in Silicon Valley and pioneer of 60 GHz beam-forming technology. He is also an active board member of a number of start-up companies focused on breakthrough technologies that are shaping the communication ecosystem from the device to the cloud.

Most recently Mr. Sheikh was the Chief Executive Officer at Powerwave Technologies, Inc. Previously he was the Chief Technology Officer & President,Global Business Units where he lead product development, engineering, R&D, business development and global product/business units for the company. Mr.Sheikh was ranked in the Top 10 CTOs for 2012 by ExecRank for his leadership in the wireless and Internet industry. 

Mr. Sheikh was employed by Time Warner Cable from August 2005 through 2007, as Vice President, Wireless Strategy and Development where he was responsible for the cable and media company’s entry into the wireless space. Between 2000 and 2005, Mr. Sheikh was Chief Technology Advisor for various divisions within Sprint where he led the next generation advanced technology efforts for the company. 

Mr. Sheikh is widely recognized in the industry for his pioneering efforts in the development of mobile wireless broadband or “4G” wireless technology. He had the distinct honor of building the world's first 4G network. He developed the concept of "Inside Out " Networks that is the corner stone of next generation small cell wireless base stations for indoor and outdoor data capacity and ubiquitous coverage.