Pierre de Lespinois

Pierre de Lespinois
Founder & CEO
Vision 3 Experiential, LLC

Pierre Co-funded and developed a state of the art Visual Effects Company with Discovery Communications with over 200 employees developing hundreds of hours of hi end programming for seven networks with high end visual effects that until now could only be afforded by theatrical cinema productions. He is considered an industry leader in High Definition Production. To date, Pierre has produced more than 600 million dollars in HD programming and has consulted with several networks in the adoption of HD for their pipeline. In addition he has helped networks and producers all over the world about the use and integration of High Definition production.

Pierre is currently the CEO of Vision 3 Experiential, LLC and Vision 3 Global Inc. V3E’s is a production company that specializes in entertainment, from theatrical productions to Theme park design to a newly patent three and seven story domes known as X-Portals, currently being installed in various locations around the world. Their entertainment backgrounds has made possible significant breakthroughs in AR & VR content. Pierre is also currently advising numerous corporations in the use of new technology for film production and was awarded the First Digital Golden Laurel Award presented by the Producers Guild.