Naresh Soni

large_naresh_soni.jpgCTO, 5BARZ INTERNATIONAL INC.

Naresh Soni is a mobile industry veteran. He was most recently involved in development of applications for mmWave in Augmented/Virtual Reality with captivating user experiences, which includes healthcare, e-commerce and gaming. Naresh spent many years in development of technologies, designing them in products and taking them to market that are adopted by millions. He is involved in developing human-centric computing and has developed user experiences for various applications and devices. Naresh has developed rich media software for mobile which was deployed on 250+ devices over various carrier networks.

He is inventor of several issued and pending patents in the field of computing, wireless coverage, video delivery over wireless and compression. Naresh has authored several papers and has been invited speaker at industry conferences. Naresh’s industry experience includes executive positions at publicly traded companies like Nokia, Interdigital and STMicroelectronics, as a senior member of technical staff at IBM and AT&T Bell Labs and start-ups like Streamezzo and 5Barz. He is on board and advisor to start-ups and public companies in the field of software, computing, video and wireless technologies.

Naresh has a Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Texas, Austin, TX. Naresh has completed advanced management modules ST University and MIT Sloan School of Management. He has combined knowledge of high volume hardware and software engineering.