Malcolm Robertson

Program Director, 5G OTA Solutions
Keysight Technologies

Malcolm Robertson joined Keysight Technologies (then Agilent Technologies) in 2000, working on the development and production of SONET/SDH and OTN test equipment, as well as the N2X IPv4/6 platform.  After managing the development of RF and Microwave Power Measurement products, he returned to wireless technologies in Bluetooth, WLAN and WiMAX test solutions, followed by work in developing cellular non-signaling test solutions for high volume 4G smartphones.  More recently, Malcolm held positions in Strategic Planning for Keysight’s Modular and 5G initiatives, with a particular focus on the challenges of over-the-air measurement at millimeter-wave frequencies. 

Malcolm Robertson holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Physics and Electronics and a PhD from the University of St.Andrews in Scotland.  His PhD and subsequent postgraduate work in the mmWave and Terahertz group focused on novel mmW sources, quasi-optical techniques, imaging and detection. His work resulted in various collaborations including radio astronomy, IFF systems and fusion plasma diagnostics.