Ayan Acharya

Research Engineer
Cognitive Scale

Ayan Acharya is working as a research engineer and lead of the machine learning team in a cognitive cloud-based start-up Cognitive Scale which is based in Austin, TX. He graduated from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin, USA in July 2015, where he was advised by Dr. Joydeep Ghosh and Dr. Raymond J. Mooney. His research focus is on developing generative models and efficient inference algorithms for solving learning problems prevalent in text document analysis, healthcare analytics, social network study, recommender systems and temporal evolution of financial data. Over the years, he has published more than 30 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers that have been cited approximately 430 times till date. He regularly reviews papers from top-tier conferences and journals that include MUCMD, NIPS, WWW, ACML, AAAI, ICDM, IEEE TKDE, Machine Learning Journal, JMLR, IEEE TBD, ACM TKDE, Elsevier PRL, IEEE TNLS and few others.