2014 5G Workshop Agenda


Day 1

1:00 Welcome remarks from CWC Directors Alon Orlitsky and Sujit Dey

  •  Keynote 1 Mark Dankberg, CEO, ViaSat 
  •  Keynote 2 Phil Fleming, CTO for North America, Nokia Network 

2:00 Break

SESSION 1: Multimedia, IoT, and Cloud Driven Innovations in 5G Networks

  • 2:15 Introduction - Moderator: Mark Pierpoint (Keysight Technologies)
  • 2:20 Byung K. Yi, EVP & CTO, InterDigital Lab: 5G Wireless over Smart Cloud for Year 2020
  • 2:35 Sujit Dey, Professor UC San Diego: Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Network for 5G
  • 2:50 Kevin Shatzkamer, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, Mobile Networking, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.: Trending Technologies that Change the Landscpe of 5G Transport
  • 2:50 Daniel Obodovski, Author, The Silent Intelligence, The Silent Intelligence: Watching the New Technology Revolution
  • 3:20 Panel

3:35 BREAK

SESSION 2: 5G Spectrum and Radio Technologies

  • 3:50 Introduction - Moderator: Koon Hoo Teo (Mistubishi Electric Research Laboratories)
  • 3:55 Rangam Subramanian, Chief, Technology and Spectrum Policy Strategist, NTIA: Initiatives and Support for Collaborative Wireless Spectrum Innovation
  • 4:15 Farooq Khan, President, Samsung Research USA: Connecting Every Being & Everything
  • 4:35 John Smee, Senior Director, Qualcomm: 5G Vision and Key Technical Enablers
  • 4:50 Moray Rumney, Keysight Technologies: Building a Sustainable 5G Vision 
  • 5:05 Mark Cudak, Principal Research Specialist, T&I Research - Radio Systems, Nokia Networks: Moving Towards 5G : Requirements and Technology
  • 5:20 Panel

DINNER EVENT (for attendees registered for the dinner event)

  •  5:45 - 6:45 Cocktails
  • 6:45 - 8:45 Dinner


Special Presentation: Irwin Jacobs, Founder, Qualcomm

Day 2:

8:30 Welcome remarks from CWC Directors Alon Orlitsky and Sujit Dey

  • 8:35 Keynote 3: Rajesh Pankaj, SVP Engineering, Qualcomm: Future of Wireless
  • 9:00 Keynote 4: Kenneth (Ken) Stewart, Chief Wireless Technologist and Fellow, Intel Corporation: Wireless Device of 2020

SESSION 3: 5G Perspectives from Mobile Network

  • 9:25 Introduction - Moderator: Roberto Padovani, Qualcomm
  • 9:30 Guangyi Liu, CTO of Wireless Department, China Mobile Research Institute: 5G, Information a Finger Away, Everything in Touch
  • 9:45 Takehiro Nakamura, VP, Head of 5G Research, NTT DOCOMO: 5G Concepts and Activities of NTT DOCOMO
  • 10:00 Ramesh Rao, Professor, UCSD; Director, Qualcomm Institute: Emerging Applications for Next-Generation Networks
  • 10:15 Truong Q. Nguyen, Professor, UCSD: 5G to Enable Mobile 3D
  • 10:25 Panel

10:40 BREAK

SESSION 4: Innovations from CWC Faculty

  • 11:00 Peter Asbeck, Professor, UCSD: Hardware Challenges and Research Directions for 5G
  • 11:15 Gabriel Rebeiz, Professor, UCSd: 5G Millimeter-Wave Radio Technology
  • 11:30 Bhaskar Rao, Professor, UCSD: Supporting Enhanced Awareness at the Physical and MAC Layer in 5G 
  • 11:45 Massimo Franceschetti, Professor, UCSD: 5G and Basic Research
  • 11:55 James Buckwalter, Professor, UCSD: High-Efficiency Millimeter-Wave Transmitters for High-Data-Rate Communications
  • 12:05 Patrick Mercier, Professor, UCSD: Throughput and Energy Requirements for Next-Generation Sensibles
  • 12:15 Q & A

12:20 Lunch and Poster Sessions

SESSION 5: Diverse 5G Perspectives

  • 1:35 Introduction - Moderator: Tara Javidi (UC San Diego)
  • 1:40 Glenn Colby, Director, Commercial Products, L-3 Communications Systems Group, L-3 Communications: Beyond the Hype: Partnering for 5G Success
  • 1:55 Ivana Maric, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research: The Future of Wireless Access
  • 2:10 Benoit Schillings, Fellow, Yahoo!: Mobile Performance Challenges and Success at Yahoo!
  • 2:25 Panel

2:40 BREAK

SESSION 6: Planning Session: Charting the Future, Role of CWC in 5G R&D with Industry Collaboration

  • 2:55 Invited session - CWC faculty and board members, and invited industry colleagues

3:45 END

4:05 Center for Wireless Communications Board Meeting